Demand Fresh Hops

Farm to Brew within Hours!

Craft brewers understand that the quality of ingredients matters. The fresher the hops, the more flavor they add to the beer. As a result, brewers in central California have paid high premiums to have fresh hops shipped overnight from other states. Despite that, the time from farm to brew is often 48 hours.   

Antigua farms is local. No need to pay high shipping premiums and lose valuable flavor and aroma in transit. We bring your sustainably grown farm fresh local hops from our field to your brew within hours. The cone that was on the bine at 8am is in your kettle by lunchtime!  


The Z in CTZ blend, Zeus is one of our very favorite hops. It’s an incredibly versatile hop excellent for use in a wide range of beers from IPAs to stouts and even in pale ales, red ales and lagers. It is earthy with mild citrus tones and higher oil content, making it an especially good hop for bittering in fresh hop beers. Alpha acid 13- 17%.


Suitable for bittering and aroma, Chinook hops are ideal for use in all styles of ales, including IPAs, as well as lagers, porters and stouts. Chinook has a spicy pine balanced with citrus flavor and is widely used.    Alpha acid 12%-14%.


Sparking the American craft brewing movement, Cascade hops have seen renewed popularity as it’s citrus-floral character make it a fantastic addition to west coast IPAs. Cascade loses flavor when stored, so it’s best used fresh.  Alpha acid 4%-9%.